I created my blog to share my ideas, discoveries, and help people out in forums.

This is my corner of the internet; where I can just be open and honest. Say whats on my mind, or help those people who are struggling with a problem or project. I will also put up things I discover in the hopes it helps enlighten people and save them the trouble of finding it.

While I might not get the chance to meet and help everyone. I hope the information I put up online helps those of you (who take the time to read, and watch the videos) in some small way. Even if only one person finds this information useful. Then I have achieved my purpose for this blog. For that one person might continue on to do great things and help a wide range of people.

So whether its one person or one thousand, keep in mind that the good you do in your life can have a powerful impact on the lives of others: The Butterfly Effect.

You can find out more about myself by visiting my main website.
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Temper Tantrum

Temper Tantrum is a business I created to allow me to pursue my ideas, beliefs, goals, and even dreams.

Through this business I have been involved in research projects, done freelance work, and even created my own games.

It provides me with freedom to do what I want.

AR Story Time

AR Story Time is a Startup I created to bring learning and stories into the digital age by adding a new layer to traditional methods by using Augmented Reality & Gamification.

True treasure is not in the ground or numbers in a bank account. Its all around us, and in the grass roots of the next generation.

Online Courses

I created my online courses to help bring people closer to achieving their projects, goals, and dreams.

I believe that everyone should have access to education that helps them pursue their goals and dreams in life. For the whole world benefits from it when they do.

Everybody has a breaking point. The question is, is this yours? – Jonathan O’Duffy


For people who are interested in the types of skill sets I possess, or areas that I focus on. Here is a list of some of the key skills I have worked on over the years.

  • Connector.


    For me, design is to focus on what experience you want the user to have. Taking a Holistic Approach to every part of the project to reinforce this: the message, how you handle the story telling, the interface etc.

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    Most of the programming I do is with C# in Unity3D. While I still create code on other platforms; I tend to use my programming skills to create addons and actions for the Playmaker Unity3D Plugin when needed.

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    I create both 3D and 2D graphics when needed. The 3D software I use is blender. For 2D, I like to use Krita, although I use other software when needed.

  • Connector.

    Virtual Reality

    I have been fortunate enough to have Thomas Furness, Grandfather of Virtual Reality(VR), as my mentor. As such I am constantly learning how VR came to be, and its potential future. Tom advocates VR for its potential for good.

  • Connector.

    Augmented Reality

    I am also fortunate to study under Mark Billinghurst, who is Co-Creator of Augmented Reality. Mark’s was my main Supervisor for my Masters Degree. His views on Human Computer Interaction are very insightful, and his talks are worth attending if you ever get the opportunity.

  • Connector.


    I believe that Video Games have the power to do good. They currently provide entertainment and can bring people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds together. They can also provide engagement, motivation, and encouragement to areas such as rehabilitation(health), education, and even simulation training.

Tools I use

If you are interested in the types of Tools that I use. I have created a page that lists them all.
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Say G’Day

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